Date: Nov 7, 2012 1:40 AM
Author: GS Chandy
Subject: Obama's win - good or bad for the US/the world?

I personally believe Obama's win is 'potentially' a very good thing indeed for the US and for the world - for anyone who believes in the democratic rights of ALL people, everywhere (as against the undemocratic rights of the rich).  Maybe - just MAYBE; no guarantees here!! - the US will now at last provide some much-needed world leadership in this direction.

Admittedly, Obama has not by any means fulfilled the promise that he showed before his election - nor has he adequately fulfilled his promises made to the US and to the world before his election.

I notice that another thread has deplored and found worrisome Obama's admission to being mathematically illiterate - though he was defended there to the effect that it was only in jest that he had admitted this. In jest or seriously - that IS surely a worrisome matter for the kind of leadership that the US can provide the world in the difficult years to come.