Date: Nov 7, 2012 4:57 PM
Author: Paul A. Tanner III
Subject: Re: Speachless In New York (or, another OMG moment)

> Thus far in this "math forum", I have been censored in every single attempt to get clarification into how New Jersey could possibly spend $27,000 per student for education and continually score 300 SAT points lower than many other states (and countries) which spend less than one fifth as much per student.
> Since you're there, maybe you can explain why. Or, even better, where exactly that money comes from, considering that the EXTRA amount NJ spends just on education exceeds the entire NJ state budget.

Perhaps you are "censured" because of the fact that you almost always
get almost all of your facts wrong.

You do it again above:

"State SAT Scores 2009"

According to this above, New Jersey's SAT scores - at number 36 in the
country - are roughly only 100 points below the highest scoring state
in the country. No state is 300 points behind another state.

And this "the EXTRA amount NJ spends just on education exceeds the
entire NJ state budget" is just insanely wrong - just a couple of
years ago, it was roughly at a bit over one third of the state's total

"Christie announces sweeping education budget cuts in N.J."


"New Jersey Governor Christopher Christie (R) announced a $29.3
billion budget proposal for the state?s upcoming fiscal year on
Tuesday, March 16.

Aimed at reducing the state?s $10.7 billion deficit, the proposal
reduces funding for public education by $820 million and aid for
colleges and universities by $175 million, among other cuts.

Wilson School professor Richard Keevey said that schooling, to which
the state budget currently allocates $11.1 billion, represents the
?largest single component of the budget.?"