Date: Nov 8, 2012 10:58 PM
Author: Bob L Petersen
Subject: Rough draft

This part of the list of facts are apart of the

present history of science. One was thought to be

true because math indicated that it was true. The

other was assumed to be true because there seemed to

be no other answer possible. Both indicated there is

another ?FINER SYSTEM? operating in our world. These

two will not be the only two to be found. The second

did not show up until trying to model finding it to

be necessary. It's usefulness and system having their

own variation this kind systems allowed. N

Phenylalanine and D Phenylalanine. This ?FINER SYSTEM?

allows creation of just what exists in the world we

live in. There will be more pointed out later. I am

still using the simple definition of ?Space? but the

possible assumables and arrangements grow. ?Point?

the use of two or more what would be mere pictured

now seems to be indicating where the final ?Connect

Dots? may go. This would take longer with math to

arrive with any familiarity possibilities.

I will be using the last five ?Papers? for my paper

on using ?Parts? to analyze ?Space? and the


The first was a search for a vibrations in a solid

metal object of a certain size due to gravity. If

mathematics gives an indication of it's possibility

then there could possible answer. Only when or under

the following conditions. This was a search point. Consideration of other unusual effects showed more limit that could show further reasons it couldn't work. This is about considering and having an opinion on about everything even tried.

The second is more important and only appeared to be

true. Using the refining Back Hole reforming paper I

stopped several papers back. I stopped that paper

because I knew I could not finish the part I was

working on. I can and will now only explain what was

required and was missing. Mentioned in the books is

that in pair production it is possible for an

electron to be finished first and the positron not to

be produced. This according to what is needed is that

the Electron being a ?Natural Element? of our

universe. Will continue filling out it's ?Fitting?.

Where else this then fits is there is no atom

produced from a antiproton but no change in mass, the

?Parts? are there.

I would like to give a presentation at another

University other than this state. It's capital's

Masons want to say they make everything work. What

they do is hide and hope to jump in. They were the

whole time their was anyone doing anything. Rules and

needs of others always had to be inserted.

Misinformation was their main method. After all

everyone else is worthless. Their story of what they

wanted to say they did got bigger than any like them

could stand and having left me out to be nothing.

This has gone on now for 12 years. They missed the

early big money hand outs while they were trying to be

only thing here. They would even like to blame me

for their idiots wanting too play in. They want to

play it is not their fault.

I have done many things I never would have had the

time to do. I always find something to do. The

perspective I used was to start the search where no

one including me had looked. The reforming of our

world after a Big Bang or a near Big Bang after other

limits had caused an action reforming ?Space? and

?Particles?. All done checking everything and

rethinking what my earlier thoughts had been. Over 2

years of writing and growing then refining my ideas

and no figuring what I can say without those around

could start to play alone and still tell you what is

important enough.

Thank You

This may seem like their claims but this is my work.

I hope you are interested.