Date: Nov 12, 2012 12:02 PM
Author: kirby urner
Subject: Re: How teaching factors rather than multiplicand & multiplier<br> confuses kids!

> That was my point, right? That a discussion with you about sequencing would
> be pointless, since you don't believe in sequencing.
> Bob Hansen

I believe in sequencing and spiraling.

I just don't believe that everyone needs the same sequencing or spiraling.

Part of what teachers / faculty do is devise their own sequence / curriculum.

This idea we're all reading from the same textbook and every student
is on the same page on the same day (some nations go for that) is
ridiculous and stupid.

I'm not saying that's your goal either. You're probably fine with
Oregon having a different curriculum than Washington etc.

Or with district A having a different curriculum than district B.

Or school A than school B within a district.

That's how it already is here in Portland. The curriculum at
Winterhaven PPS is quite different from that at the others.

We have an Environmental Middle School a few blocks from here. The
students do a lot of gardening among other things.

"One sequence uber-alles" is the battle cry of national textbook
publishers who want an easy road to making profits.

I have no interest in supporting national textbook publishers with
their agenda. I don't believe we need any "national textbook