Date: Nov 14, 2012 2:22 AM
Author: Jose Carlos Santos
Subject: Re: Dimension of the space of real sequences

On 14-11-2012 0:00, Mike Terry wrote:

>> Can someone please tell me how to prove that the real vector space of
>> all sequences of real numbers has uncountable dimension?

> You need to exhibit an uncountable set of vectors that are linearly
> independent - i.e. no finite linear combination of the vectors can be zero.
> I imagine there must be lots of ways to exhibit such a set, but as a hint
> for the approach that occured to me: think "reals" (= "Dedekind cuts":
> uncountably many of these...) composed from rationals (countably many of
> these, like the countable number of terms in a sequence...).

Great hint. Thanks.

Best regards,

Jose Carlos Santos