Date: Nov 14, 2012 5:17 AM
Author: Jan Macenka
Subject: problem solved?

Hi people,

i am experiencing the exact same Problem with ccsv4.4 right now.
checkEnvSetup('ccsv4','F28335','setup') and checkEnvSetup('ccsv4','F28335','check') is done. But 'cc=ticcs' returns:

>> cc=ticcs
Registering DLLs...
IDE Link successfully registered its plug-in for Code Composer Studio (CCS).
If CCS prompts you that "New components were detected,"
click Yes or OK in the prompt dialog box to enable components
for all compatible CCS installations.
Error using Link.ccssetup/Connect
Cannot start CCS application (COM error code: 0x80040154). Verify that your CCS software is installed and configured

Error in ticcs>Connect2App_CheckIdeVersion (line 248)

Error in ticcs (line 136)
hccs = Connect2App_CheckIdeVersion;

has anybody solved this Problem already?

Tanks for your answers!