Date: Nov 15, 2012 1:55 PM
Author: Kay Lindenberg
Subject: Free, Ready-to-Repurpose Practice Problems for Teachers

Hi, Wanted to introduce Problem-Attic a new, free resource  that offers tens of thousands of quiz and test questions that can be used to support learning.

Problem-Attic offers more than 9,500, high quality, challenging math questions from 30 years of past New York Regents tests. Using Problem-Attic's easy-to-use tools, teachers can quickly search through 40,000 mathematics, science, social studies and English questions by subject and topic, select the ones that meet their needs and reformat their selection into tests, quizzes, worksheets, flashcards, or even problem-of-the-day calendars.

While Problem-Attic currently features questions geared toward high school students, many are useful with advanced students down to sixth or seventh grade, and more questions will be added in coming months.

We hope you try Problem-Attic for yourself by signing up at and share this resource with your colleagues.