Date: Nov 15, 2012 11:56 PM
Author: kirby urner
Subject: Re: The Education Mafia Speaks

> It is true enough that Mr Levine's recommendations are largely an exercise in futility - there is very little indeed in his essay (as quoted by Haim in his post) that can be practically used to improve US education, alleviate its deficiencies (if such be the purpose of the exercise).

I also don't care as much as Mr. Levine about "suburbs" (ala 'Over The
Hedge' -- movie). I don't look up to them the way he seems to.

Suburbanites tend to be gasaholic commuters who fled inner cities
rather than build community, in search of more isolation.

I don't think of "white suburbanites" as "smart" compared to more
urban streetwise people.

They tend to live in a more sheltered environment and subsist on more
fictional TV.

There's this circular logic where a subculture makes it's own tests
(like IQ) and thereby proves to itself that it's smarter than the

Suburbanites -- hah. Gimme a break. Who needs 'em. (Just kidding,
some of my best friends are suburbanites).