Date: Nov 16, 2012 3:01 PM
Author: Kevin
Subject: Disambiguate The Seventh Quark

I have iron shins since 1980... Prove iron thighs... Trapping an
electron says: 'Prove the trisection of an electron.' I have iron
thighs and that is the bisection of an electron. I have bee's knees
but they are Cadillac glidey smooth... (If me and my girlfriend could
sanction a 'brontosaurus' for the sake of libido, you might have more
luck with it.) How do I objectify character in bee's knees? BMW and
center of mass are my right knee. I need Frankenstein to contruct the
perfect woman given the parts I've collected so far... Who has shelf?
Spot is 2x3 and there are major issues so you don't have 2x4 at all...
My key is '-al' and while it is sticky, it doesn't take a hammer to
figure out that 'al-' goes for the sake of 'alien' and so where does
that leave us? Well, The Virgin Mary only has one card in her card
file and that is 'Work' given 'theta'... I'm going with:

RED alien egg

Fractals are not objectionable just as long as it is not too
argumentative. What is the differance between FUNCTION and SET?
Function has more letters than set.


Given that everyone is trying to get their hooks in me, you don't have
anything on either SINK or DUMP, ergo, there is not sanction nor
sequester on 2x4... Quarks are the Pentagon's way of doing things and
while I can be objective, the seventh quark is the cure for Lou
Gehrig's disease. I am objectively ahead of the curve on clock balls
and my right hamstring is hit be a clock ball... Well, sounds like a
done deal to me... Change it. My right hamstring has Lou Gehrig's
disease so what is important to you?

The teeth of hydra are upon us... Proving 100 sections of a circle
seems to be on USMC... 100 sections on a circle has been cored twice,
leaving a red '2' and and orange something or other. NYC is a
fortunate series of events... Since nobody has DUMP, objectify DUMP...
NYC is a glass 'DUMP'... Since nobody has 'WELL', objectify 'WELL'...
NYC is a steam 'WELL'... John Nash should hold 'SINK' since 'SINK' and
'DUMP' are the same thing but 'DUMP' is easier for me to remember.
Gunmetal can drill solid pink, I am on linear brown (shrug). I've had
my fill of bones. (I re-re-re afirm my oath to stone.) Satan is
perfect fire. NASA is drilled on 'blinding flash'... Yesterday's word
of the day was CYclops, I guess. Hawking is troubled by his
contemporaries contentious views on 'conch shell'... I have absolute
sanction on 'conch shell' so I don't expect any problems... otherwise
we need a mechanical 1/2.5 space typewriter, along with the mechanical
1/3 space mechanical typewriter that objectify me out of Hawking's
sphere. Stephen "The Snake" Hawking has absolute sanction on orange...
I've tested the waters and I'm OK with it... Dracula is something I
need to be mindful of, I don't know about everybody else. 'Toothy
German Chick' is obectified for her sanction on candy canes... She
could be an ally, given cooperation... Not everything is good...
everything needs to be tested and objectified... 'One Tooth' is a
'NOGO' unless it is royal and gray. 'Toothy German Chick' wants


Don't really have a problem with it but without me, you will either
die or wilt for lack of bone. Objectify only applies to two partner
games given resonate frequencies... My partner is Dr. Thomas Brewer...
The other team is John McCain and Buzz Aldren... Buzz is a robot who
would throw a rod if it weren't for comic relief from John McCain...
Buzz and I work like a well oiled machine but it isn't me that needs
to be mindful of Murphyism's revenge. McCain is a black glass dump
which shouldn't be objectionable to him given fire since if he doesn't
know the rules of the game, he doesn't have to learn from me. Given my
need for black glass, John McCain is:

ORANGE alien egg

Objectify is obviously the opposite as disambiguate so what needs to
be objectified? The two partnership game needs to be objectified and
orange needs to be objectified given 'snake'. There is no snake
support without John McCain but what do I care? Who do you hate more
if you can't be objective? Britian or the Japanese... or BOTH!!?

I think I can accomodate the Japanese given that the British have
sequestered me to be on their team. The Japanese are uncooperative if
you can't accomodate their sense of humor. CRT keeps me cooperative
with them but it needs to be at the center of my heart. America wants
to drill me for N. Korea?... I'm not doing (ripple,riddle) since N.
Korea is under it. N. Korea seems bland on the surface but beneath
the surface, they are wicked witches and warlocks. Bill Gates needs to
make 'peanut' a high priority or else he stands to lose big time.
'Microsoft' is always a Russian talisman since gyroscopes put Russians
to sleep fairly quickly... Russians are beggers... Make them tolerable
to me.