Date: Nov 18, 2012 10:23 AM
Author: Robert Hansen
Subject: Re: Diversity Complaint against TJHSST

Here is a piece by a former student and student body president of TJHSST ...

She is a minority with a disability and not very good at math. I am certain that it is the last item in that list that puzzles us. TJHSST is about math and science and not being very good in math and wanting to go to TJHSST is like not being very good in music and wanting to go to Juilliard.

A minority. Yeah, ok.
A disability. Whatever.
Not very good at math. Huh?

She writes...

"But my poor performance in math, paired with my ethnicity, made me an easy target for some students, who suggested that I had claimed to be Hispanic to reap the benefits of affirmative action."

Actually, why did she even pursue a school with such a heavy focus on science and math, while not being very good at either? And yes, how did she get into TJHSST in the first place? These are valid questions yet she doesn't even attempt to answer them.

Where are stories of minorities that excel at math yet have been denied access to TJHSST? Now that would be front page news.

Anita's final destination - she is majoring in English at Portland State University.

She is probably a fine student, that is not very good at math, and would have probably benefited more from a high school focused on language arts rather than math and science.

Bob Hansen