Date: Nov 19, 2012 10:20 AM
Subject: Re: Stephen Fry does something no human has ever done before

On Nov 19, 9:56 am, "Lord Androcles, Zeroth Earl of Medway"
<> wrote:
> "Mahipal"  wrote in message
> By your "No thank you" I must presume you have no knowledge of the
> progression of this thread.
> =====================================================
> I've seen enough to stay away, it offers me no interest.
> Once again I leave you to your trivia. Have a bad night. Or don't. Stupid
> arrogant bluster is the American Way, Yankee Bard.
> -- This message is brought to you from the keyboard of
> Lord Androcles, Zeroth Earl of Medway

"Quiet desperation is the English Way" -- Pink Floyd classic lyric.

You are welcome to start your own topics for discussion. I live to
eagerly vote in America, was born in India. So I technically cannot
allow anyone to think a Yankee I. Due to SR, flying back and forth
keeps me theoretically younger than had I just sat my life away.

Be and fare well John. Have a good evening.

Mine's a new indifferent morning now. Indifferent night looming across
the Sky.