Date: Nov 19, 2012 1:55 PM
Subject: Re: OT: Stephen Fry does something no human has ever done before

On Nov 19, 1:31 pm, wrote:
> In sci.physics Mahipal <> wrote:

> > On Nov 19, 12:16 pm, wrote:
> >> If everything is physics, why does every college and university on the
> >> planet have separate biology, chemistry, engineering, geology,
> >> humanities, physcis, mathematics, astronomy, etc. departments?

> > Good question. The nearest I can figure is that most fields are
> > slightly independent of one another, save that Physics and Mathematics
> > are common to all others and especially to each other.

> That is because you are an ineducable idiot capitalizing nouns at random.

By now, I am deaf to your insults. I capitalize as I feel it

> Mathematics is a fully separate field of study which is used as a tool
> in other fields of study to describe phenomena.

Mathematics does not thrive in a vacuum. Many a great Physicist
advanced the field of -- must use lowercase -- mathematics. Ito and
Feynman, for example. At some nonidiotic level, a plane you jimp will
never reach, physicists and mathematicians confuse themselves not ever
knowing which field actually holds potential for a Nobel Prize?!

> By your idiotic definition language is physics as language is used to
> describe physical phenomena.

Language is most certainly physics Physics PHYSICS. Language initially
evolved when humans were first forced to utter in sound waves.
Language takes and took a Physics. Oy.

> > Draw your own
> > Venn Diagrams please. Also, the more fields and departments you have,
> > the more students will likely attend, leading to the ultimate goal --
> > at least in the USA -- of filling the Football Stadiums.

> That is the babbling nonsense of an ineducable idiot.

However uneducated I may be, and however lacking a sense of humor you
actually are, where did you jimp earn your worthless paper degree?