Date: Nov 19, 2012 2:29 PM
Subject: Re: OT: Stephen Fry does something no human has ever done before

In sci.physics Mahipal <> wrote:
> On Nov 19, 1:31 pm, wrote:
>> In sci.physics Mahipal <> wrote:

>> > On Nov 19, 12:16 pm, wrote:
> [trim]
>> >> If everything is physics, why does every college and university on the
>> >> planet have separate biology, chemistry, engineering, geology,
>> >> humanities, physcis, mathematics, astronomy, etc. departments?

>> > Good question. The nearest I can figure is that most fields are
>> > slightly independent of one another, save that Physics and Mathematics
>> > are common to all others and especially to each other.

>> That is because you are an ineducable idiot capitalizing nouns at random.

> By now, I am deaf to your insults. I capitalize as I feel it
> appropriate.

That is because you are an ineducable idiot capitalizing nouns at random.

If you can't understand the simple rule of capitalization in English,
how could you ever understand the difference between mathematics and

>> Mathematics is a fully separate field of study which is used as a tool
>> in other fields of study to describe phenomena.

> Mathematics does not thrive in a vacuum.

It most certainly does ahd has.

> Many a great Physicist
> advanced the field of -- must use lowercase -- mathematics.

And an actress invented spread spectrum technology, so what?

<snip kook babble>

>> By your idiotic definition language is physics as language is used to
>> describe physical phenomena.

> Language is most certainly physics Physics PHYSICS. Language initially
> evolved when humans were first forced to utter in sound waves.
> Language takes and took a Physics. Oy.

Yet more meaningless kook babble; what a moron.

>> > Draw your own
>> > Venn Diagrams please. Also, the more fields and departments you have,
>> > the more students will likely attend, leading to the ultimate goal --
>> > at least in the USA -- of filling the Football Stadiums.

>> That is the babbling nonsense of an ineducable idiot.

> However uneducated I may be, and however lacking a sense of humor you
> actually are, where did you jimp earn your worthless paper degree?

At a real university with separate physics, mathematics, and English
departments like every other university on the planet.

Where did you learn your Pidgin English?