Date: Nov 19, 2012 3:45 PM
Author: Domenico Rosa
Subject: The Doorstop-Publishimg Mafia

The article posted at:

states: "It suggests, for instance, that elementary math textbooks should be fewer than 200 pages in length."

This would be an excellent start for putting the doorstop-publishing mafia out of business.

Recently I had the grim experience of examining the doorstop , which has 750 pages plus an additional 68 pages at the end. This doorstop has the mug shots of 12 co-authors, including Jack Price, a past-president of the NCTM who was a leading promoter of the 1989 NCTM "standards." This doorstop also lists 16 consultants and 45 reviewers--which is indicative of the highly irresponsible people who are writing, publishing, editing, promoting, and adopting these doorstops that are saturated with junk.