Date: Nov 19, 2012 10:48 PM
Author: Domenico Rosa
Subject: Re: The Shape of Things to Come

On 18 Nov. 2012, Robert Hansen wrote:

> This is what I wonder about, regarding the bubble in
> higher education...
> rotests-start-school-120657660.html
> Italy's students are protesting education cuts
> because education is the path to a better income.
> However, the unemployment rate for graduates is 35%.

Italy has been governed very poorly ever since unification, much to the chagrin of Italian patriots. In the late 1970s I bought a copy of Garibaldi's Memoirs ["Memorie," Giulio Einaudi Editore, Torino (1975)] Pages 459-469 contain a chronology of his life after 1871. The following item is on Page 468.

<<26 settembre 1880. Dopo essersi dimesso da deputato, scrive a C. Dobelli, direttore del giornale "La Capitale," [...] "Tutt'altra Italia io sognavo nella mia vita, non questa, miserabile all'interno e umiliata all'estero">>
[After having resigned from Parliament, he writes to C. Dobelli, the editor of the newspaper "La Capitale," [...] "I dreamed of an altogether different Italy in my lifetime, not this one which is miserable internally and humiliated abroad."]