Date: Nov 20, 2012 1:48 PM
Subject: charge is geometry and spin is fitting together two funnel shapes<br> Chapt13.4.03 Charge, Rest-mass, Spin, Speed, Geometrical-Size of particles<br> from DTW #1015 New Physics #1135 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

Alright, I am back to this physics book and learned something from the
math book (Correcting Math) that the funnel shape is Hyperbolic
geometry, only it need be a hemisphere of a sphere with its poles and
equator deleted.

The funnel need not have a spout or spigot, but just simply the hole
in the pole.

What this information brings me, is a chance to unify charge with spin
or brings those two in a closer relationship of one another.

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From: Archimedes Plutonium <>
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2012 00:45:42 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Fri, Nov 2 2012 1:45 am
Subject: charge is geometry and spin is fitting together two funnel
shapes Chapt13.4.03 Charge, Rest-mass, Spin, Speed, Geometrical-Size
of particles from DTW #1014 New Physics #1134 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed
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Alright, back with the book!
I hit a snag and to relieve myself I went and did math in the interim
and it came to me, how to overcome the problem the snag.
Charge comes in only 3 types, -1,0,+1 and those values correspond
to the fact that Geometry comes in only 3 types, the hyperbolic which
is a funnel shape, and Euclidean which is the hyperbolic unioned with
elliptic, and the +1 which is elliptic or a ball shape.
My snag or problem was to find how there can be 3 and only 3 types of
spin. Spin can be -1/2, 0, +1/2.
For the photon and neutrino, the spin is 0, contrary to the Standard
Model of Physics which has values of 1 and 3/2. The Standard Model
assigns the photon with spin 1 and the neutrino with spin 1/2. In New
Physics where the Maxwell Equations are the axioms of physics which
gives light-waves as double-transverse waves and that theory of DTW
makes the photon a spin of 0 and the neutrino a spin of 0.
So what was the inspiration that lifted me up from the snag the
quagmire? The inspiration is the shape of hyperbolic geometry which
a funnel shape.
So that electrons have hyperbolic geometry and are funnel shaped, not
ball shaped.
When electrons are funnel shaped, you can join two of them together
form a ball shape.
ASCII art is rather limited on Usenet but let me try to draw a
of a electron as a funnel shape:
\ /
now if you put a electron with spin opposite as pictured as this:
/ \
And when the two are combined by the Maxwell Equations gives two
electrons looking like this:
| |
| |
I cannot draw a ball or elliptical shape with ascii art but two
funnels with opposite spin would join to form elliptical.
Now when two electrons both have spin up they do not share
a suborbital, and although they do not repel each other, they
do not join to form a elliptical ball shaped pair.
In a sense, the two funnels when they join form a closed loop wire
shape whereas two funnels of the same spin form a open wire like
| |

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