Date: Nov 21, 2012 2:03 PM
Author: Kevin
Subject: GNU and Saturn

Token Ring has some oddly repulsive terminology associated with it...
I guess I'm just too square to call it a 'Saturn Array'... At the
center of a Token Ring is a mechanical TV, ergo, card game... people
talk about subliminal ads and placement and that's fine, given
mechanical TV... GNU can do teeth of hydra... With just a little bit
of cooperation from semiconductors, a Token Ring with 100 motherboards
is possible given GNU... 1 out of 100 teeth of hydra is an electron
trap. The teeth of hydra are indespensible for the sake of Object
Orientation is what seems obvious to me. The Penguin being egg shaped
is probably why it beats out the bald eagle... The penguin 'flutters'
its wings, and is dark gray(grey)grey(gray)... (and therefore must be
royal... if it doesn't have color it must be royal, right? ('One
Tooth' is either purple-violet Oort Cloud or brown apple via Bill
Gates... It might turn out to be the case that purple-violet Oort
cloud is trisectioned given the iteration of it.))