Date: Nov 22, 2012 10:57 AM
Subject: Re: Stephen Fry does something no human has ever done before

On Nov 21, 8:53 pm, GogoJF <> wrote:
> On Nov 21, 7:20 pm, Mahipal <> wrote:
> > On Nov 19, 6:58 pm, "Lord Androcles, Zeroth Earl of Medway"
> > > Younger than when born? What's your gamma factor?
> > > ============================================
> > > Imaginary. The square root of minus one is an operator.
> > > A single trip on Concorde and one arrives in New York before taking off in
> > > London.
> > > That looks like beta to me, pronounced "vetta" like the Gaelic v in
> > > "Siobhan".  Unfortunately relativists are so stupid they can't read Greek
> > > letters.
> > > While I was in The USA I objected to being called "white" and insisted I was
> > > an English-American Englishman come to take the colonies back and collect
> > > the Chinese tea (grown in India) taxes. Strange country, the USA. Full of
> > > Xtians who want some guy Jesus for a monarch and give up the republican
> > > democracy.

> > That's funny. Give me back the tea! I want to take home my colonies
> > too!

> > Siobhan is a beautiful name, meaning God's grace. I did look it up but
> > also had met a nice young waitress who has that name and she shared
> > its origins. At the same bar from where the blimey Police entrapped me
> > for my pending DUI charge. Good news, I have got my driving privileges
> > restored. If I drank only tea, I would not be in this legal mess.
> > What's funny is, of the strange country this, is they keep drilling
> > into my head that it's the "Land of the Free" and yet it does not feel
> > like it. Is that blatant DoubleSpeak or what?! Feels more like a Human
> > Farm. Always forced to contemplate, what means this Free?


> In one respect the greatest enemy of man is not another man.  We
> choose to live in big cities, surrounded by ourselves.  Man's biggest
> enemy is nature- for nature always threatens our existence- not man.
> Or, in another respect, is man the greatest threat to his own
> existence?  How can one weigh in?

You ask very difficult questions. Taking a look at all the many wars
man has waged, in the hopes of reducing population count, to claim all
the land and resources for the standing few -- may yield a clue.

First, Natural Disasters have not killed as many men as have other
men. Even the Tsunami of 2004 killed like only 300,000 bathing
beauties. Add up all the humans killed by Nature over time. Then add
up all the humans killed in the name of war. Second, I don't have
access to these numbers, perhaps someone else here can provide them.
Compare these two counts. Point of reference... in WW2 alone... nearly
56 million men killed. Ho hum.

The argument that the population count is too high to be sustainable,
so let's have WW1 and WW2 and so on is fairly weak. Given that the
Earth sustains nearly 7 billion today. Imo, btw, yawn... Poverty is

I weigh in that Man is the greatest threat to his own Existence. ROFL.

Your take, any you? What do you GogoJF think?

Fwiw, thanks hanson that ROFL is per your advice.


I sure hope, cross my fingers, my capitalizations are Right?!