Date: Nov 22, 2012 3:20 PM
Subject: spin maximizes the Ampere law that makes the Inert Gases Chapt13.4.03<br> Charge and spin #1023 New Physics #1143 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

On Nov 22, 8:21 am, Timothy Sutter <> wrote:
> > > and, it really does seem as if
> > > the little whizzers =DO= -have- "flight paths"
> > > and that they are -not- simply in
> > > 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000
> > > places at the same time....

> > just look at these images...
> >
> > see, you don't just see the cloud of uncertainty
> > you see distinctly flight paths...

> the thing about the spirograph images is that they are =flat=
> and the atom travails in -volume- and so, 3D images
> and you really would wonder if the shapes of snowflakes -are-
> sort of like the shapes of certain electronic flight paths...
> "but isn't i true that no two snowflakes are alike?"
> have you really looked at all of them?

Hi Tim, I will stop for 3d volume.

It has been a long time since I took apart an electric motor of its
windings of copper wire.

Tell me, are the windings close to being spherical in all? And are the
windings of 1 long copper wire or are they of 2 long copper wires or

I am thinking that we may have the electric motor duplicating the act
of 2 electrons sharing a suborbital. The two may imitate one another.

Tim, do you have an electric motor close by that you can disassemble?

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