Date: Nov 23, 2012 2:18 PM
Author: Lord Androcles, Zeroth Earl of Medway
Subject: Re: Stephen Fry does something no human has ever done before

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> [trim]

> > One simple question, why allow me to think that Pink Floyd is
> > "whatever you are talking about" as if you are unfamiliar with them?
> > Why mislead me so? Obviously you know of them. Was my capitalization
> > off or some such?
> > =====================================================
> > As an erstwhile parent of teenagers I once reluctantly permitted a
> > recording
> > of some crashing and bashing to be played on my stereo during a party
> > many
> > years ago. That unpleasant experience is the sum total of my knowledge
> > of
> > said Pink Rock, and best forgotten.

> Pink Floyd is not your Pink Rock. Let's just agree to that much.
> ==================================================
> I can neither agree nor disagree, I merely related to you the extent of my
> knowledge
> of your fucking ugly crap because you asked and which I said was best
> forgotten.
> <trimming your commercial plug for the crap you like, I'm not fucking
> interested in your noisy pink shit>

Ok. There's no need to agree on tastes. Though I would love to, I
really do not work plugging for Pink Floyd. Besides we were discussing
our teenagers and experiences with them.
There I do disagree.
"Pink Floyd is not your Pink Rock" is NOT discussing teenagers, it is an
attempt to discuss your ugly pink noise, whether you call it rock or floyd.

> [trim]

> > Why ever get mad at me?! There's no reason to do that. I rather enjoy
> > discussing the Universe with you John. Play nice.
> > =================================================================
> > I don't get mad, I walk away. I appreciate sarcasm but only if I know
> > it.
> > And do not presume me to be nice, I have never claimed to be.

> Understood, and mad was a poor choice of word by me.
> [trim]

> > Nice looking rock candy. Impressive extruded "MARGATE ROCK" writing.
> > Why can't it be Green though?
> > ============================================================
> > Giuseppe Verde wasn't into rock, he preferred Oprah.

> Opera I can listen too, don't even want to type the five letter string
> that you've written. Lord, I suspect your keyboard has been hijacked
> by autocorrect. Look behind you. Be safe.
> =================================================
> Egads! I wrote earlier (which you snipped)

A mere polite trim is no snip. We've discussed beyond the trims by
I was merely stating fact, not commenting on your etiquette.

> "Floyd Pink of rock candy (with "Margate" extruded all the way through it)
> cannot be disguised as Green Joe of Opera Winfrey"
> Virdy - Verde - Giuseppe - Joe Green - Opera - Oprah. YOU started the play
> on
> words, I suspect your brain has been hijacked by gottasnip.

Very funny play on words. I get it, I think. I still cannot type the
end word in that sequence.
gottasnip = got to snip, an often impulsive need to remove words
unnecessarily (impossible on paper without censorship) and a new
practice made possible only by the computer.
In days of old when letters were bold and postage was invented,
Man sent mail on the back of a snail and had to be contented.

Word play games existed before I was born.
Used to Gettting Punnished daily in every Media manifestation. As if
that's the only form of joking modern journalists and comedians --
perhaps the two are one and the same behind the curtains -- available
to reach and keep Audience Kind.

John do not take most trimming, especially mine, as rude snipping. You
erroneously called john, in another thread, a cretin after he had
liked your response by posting "Perfect!" regards your words. Your
reactions are staged to be confrontational, even where none is
Perhaps if you cited the "Perfect!" post I might see what point you are
making, after years of cynical experience with usenet I probably read it as
sarcasm. You've seen through me, I am confrontational. Here is my take on
snipping (or trimming as you prefer to call it). When a topic is exhausted
and agreement is reached (or agreement to differ, as we must when it turns
to mere opinion such as your pink flood) then snip, the topic is closed.
Differing opinions by their very nature cannot be resolved to either party's
satisfaction. However, it is often the case (and I'm not accusing you of
this) that some newsgroup contributor makes a non-factual opinion as though
it were fact that is so outrageous I'll snip anything following it without
bothering to read the rest and challenge him immediately. For example: "The
universe is finite", or "aether permeates all of space", or "God made
everything". Or I may killfile him immediately, depending on my mood. But
for the most part, I do not snip, I'm open to discussion either to have my
own mind changed or to change the mind of the other correspondent. There are
occasions when I'll say "Yes, that's a very good point, I hadn't thought of
that" and learn something. For example, Henry Wilson pointed out an apparent
time contraction and expansion which I had previously overlooked. See if
this fascinates you and try to explain it:

Know your friends despite the abundance of abusive
discussion killing UseNutters just waiting, at their fancy latest
greatest Black Friday cheap bought keyboards, to pounce.

> > > You are forever an Asian Yankee.
> > For the sake of discussion, if I migrate out of USA tomorrow, a strong
> > possibility given the recent wave of reverse migrations across Earth,
> > will I still be this Asian Yankee, because of History? If I just move
> > South, like to Florida, since I like warmer weather, will I then be a
> > Asian Confederate?

> > I am forever sure I am not fond of being labeled in any way at all.
> > =======================================================
> > Can't be helped. I'm labelled a Limey because British sailors ate limes
> > to avoid vitamin C deficiency and scurvy.
> > Go to Texas instead, they are more likely to secede from the union than
> > any other state. Florida is made of retirees, no industry there except
> > golf.

> It's golf and tennis weather in Florida. I could live with that.
> ===================================================
> It's golf and tennis weather in Texas. You could live with that too.
> <shrug>

Sure, Italy or France would be nice too. London weather, not so
suitable, the whole year round. Presently I remain grounded in
I found the contrasting weather (cold in winter, hot in summer) of the
North Eastern USA preferable to the constant heat of Florida, where there
are only three seasons: summer, rainy season, summer, short spring.
London is even worse, the temperature can be 40 degrees in January
or July and the sun not appear for weeks at a time. But I'm not here
for the weather or golf or tennis, I have an electric wheelchair and a
free bus pass, the buses have electrically operated wheelchair ramps.

> [trim]

> > That's funny. Give me back the tea! I want to take home my colonies
> > too!
> > =====================================================
> > AFAIK it's still at the bottom of Boston harbour. Perhaps it was
> > Japanese
> > tea.

> Tea is biodegradable. It's there only in spirit. But you knew that.
> =======================================================
> So are taxes.

Taxes may readily be in coins.
Pay up and you can collect your tea, it grows on trees (well, bushes).

> > Siobhan is a beautiful name, meaning God's grace. I did look it up but
> > also had met a nice young waitress who has that name and she shared
> > its origins. At the same bar from where the blimey Police entrapped me
> > for my pending DUI charge. Good news, I have got my driving privileges
> > restored. If I drank only tea, I would not be in this legal mess.
> > What's funny is, of the strange country this, is they keep drilling
> > into my head that it's the "Land of the Free" and yet it does not feel
> > like it. Is that blatant DoubleSpeak or what?! Feels more like a Human
> > Farm. Always forced to contemplate, what means this Free?

> > ===================================================
> > Freedom of speech is guaranteed in the bill of rights. All men are born
> > free and equal except African slaves. All women are equal but Hillary
> > Clinton is more equal than others.
> > <,8599,2033771,00.html>
> > Yankee squaw speak with forked tongue.

> > -- This message is brought to you from the keyboard of
> > Lord Androcles, Zeroth Earl of Medway

> The Bill of Rights? Is all capitalization universally at risk
> suddenly?
> same as reinforces what I've
> expressed before... beware of Law Enforcement. Beware of Job
> Enforcement as well.
> ======================================================
> And you want to go to Florida for the weather?

Well, the news article just happened to be in Today's Media.

[trim, my words only. Ok? Ok.]