Date: Nov 23, 2012 8:31 PM
Author: Halitsky
Subject: Re: Off-line Zip File with one Summ File and 12 Detl files for lnc on (lnu,(lnu)^2)

Thanks very much, Ray, for taking a close look at the a1 fold data for
lnc on (lnu,(lnu)^2) - really much appreciated.

Sometime tomorrow I'll sent you the summary and detail for the other
five folds for lnc on (lnu,(lnu)^2).

Also, all the necessary programming is completed AND unit-tested for
the other two new regressions: lnc on (lne, lnuu, lnu*lne) and c on
(lne, lnu, lnu*lne, (lnu)^2).

So as I run them for each fold, I will send you the zips of summary
and detail data for them as well.

I'd rather you have everything, so you can decide what you need/want
to look at.