Date: Nov 24, 2012 5:13 AM
Author: Luis A. Afonso
Subject: Blacks, no admission

Blacks, no admission

The procedure started by Richard´s invitation to all not to answer my posts, then I had seen Hidden following my address That´s so.

in *perfect* agreement with the black out, I had seen my posts contents not interruptedly to be evaluated by their relevance . . . Relevancies that can sometimes attain 100% maximum. So I ask: what it was happened? Relevant but stopped to exchange ideas? Because I?m foreigner, or because whatever?
What is the mean relevance of R. Ulrich?s posts? Had he deserve 100% even once? Or never had he? How many times?
If the ban was intentional why you not state: foreigner no admitted?

Drexel University School of Education. If so, response should be post here, my mail is out of service.

Luis A. Afonso