Date: Nov 24, 2012 2:07 PM
Author: Halitsky
Subject: You now have N_1_S, N_2_S, and N_3_S files for all folds

I?ve now sent off-line all files for all folds for N_1_S, N_2_S, and

I don?t think it?s methodologically appropriate to look at the ?C?
counterparts of these files (complement instead of core) nor the R
counterparts (random instead of non-random), nor the C,R counterparts
of these files, since in my opinion, any meaningful hypothesis should
be discernable solely from the N,S files for at least one of the
dicodon sets 1,2,3.

But if you do want the C counterparts, R counterparts, or C,R
counterparts, let me know and I will generate/zip/email them.

In the meantime, unless you want me to run our entire 2/3-way protocol
for c on u/1+u (the possibility you suggested earlier in this thread),
I will stand pat and await further instruction/guidance.

Thanks as always for your continued consideration of these matters.