Date: Nov 25, 2012 3:00 PM
Subject: Ampere's law derives speed; is magnetic current density rest-mass?<br> Chapt13.4.05 rest-mass #1032 New Physics #1152 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

The Faraday law also derives speed. The Ampere law gives the speed of
the light wave or photon. The Faraday law gives the speed of the
electron and proton.

In this textbook, the speed of light has to be a double transverse
wave in order for the various wavelengths of light to all have one and
the same speed of light. A single-transverse wave does not allow a
constant speed but a varying speed from radio waves to gamma rays.

But this textbook should show how the electron rest mass is about 2000
times less than the proton. And the answer should be that the proton
is 2000 times less of space occupying than the electron occupies
space. The Faraday law of the bar magnet in motion inside a closed
loop wire should provide that 2000 times larger space differential for
electron over the proton.

You see, when physics is done correctly, it all comes out of the axiom
set, the Maxwell Equations. When physics is done falsely, then you get
a group of men sitting around in ivory towers dreaming up mechanisms
like the Higgs mechanism which is sheer crankery nonsense.

When physics or mathematics is done properly, the axiom set of that
science derives all the science. The science is never dependent on
some crank crackpot in an ivory tower with his latest nonsense.

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