Date: Nov 25, 2012 4:38 PM
Author: Graham Cooper
Subject: Re: A HARD FLAW in Godel's Proof

On Nov 26, 3:24 am, George Greene <> wrote:
> On Nov 24, 3:38 pm, Graham Cooper <> wrote:

> > You argue logically until you're shown wrong,
> If the argument is logical then IT CAN'T be "shown wrong".

> > then quote scripture as backup.
> I'm not doing anything as a backup.  A proof is a proof.
> If you read it and aren't convinced, then it's a proof of AN

> > You have never supported one single assertion in 10 years on your own.
> So FUCKING what??
> The fact that somebody else figured something out before I did does
> not make it LESS true!
> More to the point, if I thought I had figured it out on my own, BUT
> that probably WOULD make it less true!  That is certainly the dynamic
> that applies in your personal case.

> > Keep starting out that window, and give other people a chance to
> > contribute before you trash every single thread in sci.logic with
> > scripture.  None of it holds up, PERIOD.

> It all holds up.  The fact that you don't understand WHY it holds up
> is why you get attacked all the time.

No use arguing with liars, cheaters and stealers.

Nothing that makes all it's practitioners run and hide every time a
flaw is posted "holds up" by any standard.

How do you evaluate an uncountable function?