Date: Nov 26, 2012 3:54 PM
Author: Kevin
Subject: Math and Folded Dimentions

Math says that the implications of GPS are that the equator is North
of my position... I don't have a problem with that as long as Math
provides me with 'shelf', 'trace', and 'sanctuary' for my own sake,
(and access). The implications of the Swiss are that + or - Ax^3 is
mechanical and Math has major issues with physics given that + or -
Ax^4 and quadradic are entangled... It is not nearly so easy to fold
and/or frame match quadradic as Math seems to think it is. The
implications of knots are that... I don't have to be inside of the
Space Science building at Rice U to gain access to what is inside of
the Space Science building at Rice U... I can gain access to
everything that is inside of that building because it is a bee's knees
WELL. Boeing Aircraft Company can reprove or restart the capture and
trapping of an electron is basically why they test wooden ducks in
wind tunnels?? Well, I guess that would explain their diminished
relevance given that + or - Ax^3 has been disambiguated... (It's too
easy if you ask me... Given 'folding'... Disambiguate + or -
Ax^3...)... I bring 'access' to the table at Rice U... Disambiguate
'access' given penis envy is the obvious first reason to deny my
application... (It isn't really true that once you go black, you never
turn back but... white women either want an idiot who has money, or a
faggot who has money... It is one of lifes great mysterys. I can only
date black women 'cuz... born that way!!)