Date: Nov 26, 2012 5:33 PM
Subject: magnetic current density deriving rest-mass 1836 and 137 Chapt13.4.05<br> rest-mass #1034 New Physics #1154 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

Alright, give several days on this. It is not easy. It has never been
done before, for it is the tying together the inverse fine structure
constant, rest-mass of electron versus proton and a lot more.

It was easily seen that we can tie together the strong-nuclear force
with the chemical bond of chemistry. It only needed the astute
observation that the distance involved equals the magnitude of the
forces involved. Nuclear distances are 10^6 smaller than chemical bond
distances and thus 10^6 stronger.

The spin quantum number m_s of quantum mechanics was easily derived
from the Ampere law of Maxwell Equations. It is the astute observation
that electrons in atoms share suborbitals. That takes place only if
there is an attraction force of one electron with a second electron
and that takes place because parallel currents attract one another.

The Maxwell Equations as axioms over all of physics derives the speed
of light in the Ampere law. Since the speed is derivative of the
Maxwell Equations, then all speeds are derivative of the Maxwell
Equations. And if speed is a derivative quantity, then kinetic energy
and rest mass are both derivative quantities. This is just logical

So that leaves only charge as a property of matter that is a primitive
notion in the Maxwell Equations along with proton, electron, photon,
neutrino and above all *atom*.

So, in physics, what we have is (1) atoms (2) proton, electron,
photon, neutrino (3) charge (4) Maxwell Equations and with those four
as the axiom set of Physics, we derive everything of Physics.

Now that is unusual for every physicist alive today, but that is
normal and par for the course of any mathematician alive today.
Because any geometer of mathematics, every day and every minute spent
doing geometry of mathematics is all based upon a set of axioms that
governs and controls the entirety of geometry for the mathematician.

So, to say to a physicist, that before 2012, you were doing physics in
a abysmally muddle headed and wrong way is to understate the problem.
That every physicist, to do good physics, and true physics, must adopt
a axiom set to keep him/her on the straight and narrow of physics
truth and reality. If your physics is not in tune with the Maxwell
Equations, well, you are doing science fiction, not physics.

So I need to see how these two special numbers come out of the Maxwell
Equations, the 1836 of the rest mass ratio of proton divided by
electron and the inverse fine structure constant of 137. I have a
feeling or intuition that it comes from the magnetic current density
the extra term in Faraday's law when you include magnetic monopoles.
And I have the feeling that it is a geometrical aspect, much like that
charge is a geometry of whether it is Euclidean, Elliptic or
Hyperbolic space.

I did some work on this before with showing that to make a sphere
surface, you are limited by the number of "strips of longitude lines"
where lines are strips. And so that the numbers 1836 and 137 are
limitations of conversion of a sphere in Euclidean geometry to a
sphere in Elliptic or Hyperbolic geometry. But when I did that, some
years back, I did not have the notion of a magnetic current density of
the Maxwell Equations.

One has to keep in mind also, that as the Maxwell Equations are the
axiom set over all of Physics, and since mathematics is a subset of
physics, that the Maxwell Equations are the axiom set over all of
Mathematics. So that the Maxwell Equations can easily replace the
Hilbert axioms of geometry. But I have to focus now on just 1836 and

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