Date: Nov 27, 2012 12:31 PM
Author: justlooking for someone else
Subject: Interesting trivia - anybody has a different answer than I keep getting - zero

My daughter and I were solving a math trivia and I could not come up
with any answer other than zero. Would be interesting to see if
somebody has a different opinion. The problem follows:

You are at the start of a 1000 mile road with 3000 gummybears and a
donkey. At the end of the road is a supermarket. You want to find
the greatest number of gummy bears you can sell. Unfortunately, your
donkey has a disease and can only carry 1000 gummybears at 1 time.
Also, the donkey must eat 1 gummybear per mile.

- You can drop off gummybears anywhere on the road
- You can't carry gummybears while walking
- No loopholes

Again, this was a math trivia question and I could not ask anybody for
clarification about what some the caveats meant or what the "no
loopholes" meant, therefore I got zero.

(If I were to guess about the "no loopholes", I would think they meant
no "carrying the donkey" like I suggested to my daughter :) )

Thanks for your time.