Date: Nov 27, 2012 2:28 PM
Author: quasi
Subject: Re: From Fermat little theorem to Fermat Last Theorem

John Jens wrote:


Copying part of the text from the link above (enough to
expose the error in Jens' reasoning) ...

>Fermat?s little theorem states that if p is a prime number,
>then for any integer a, the number a^p is an integer multiple
>of p.
> a^p = a(mod p)

Yes, but note that a^p = a (mod p) does not imply 0 <= a < p.

>Assume that a,b,c naturals and p prime and
> 0 < a <= b < c < p
> ...
>So we can?t find naturals 0 < a <= b < c < p with p prime to
>satisfy a^p + b^p = c^p.

Sure, but that doesn't even come close to proving Fermat's
Last Theorem. All you've proved is the trivial result that if
a,b,c are positive integers with p prime such that
a^p + b^p = c^p then c >= p.