Date: Nov 27, 2012 4:59 PM
Author: Kevin
Subject: Ax and Single Bladed Prop

It makes sense, I suppose, that 'skunk' would come from a company that
makes Chinook... but I still don't quite understand how it assumes
anything regarding Ax and Single Bladed Prop... An Ax swings in a
seemingly random motion with respect to single bladed prop... but it
can't quite be random if the 'swish' sound that an ax makes gives
'feedback' to the ax swinger so that the ax swinger responds to the
feedback on the next swing. Axes make a sound when they are being
swung... The single bladed prop doesn't. A Chinook just drills a hole
in an effort to make it wider... Chinook sanctions 'gluons'? Well, I
suppose that makes sense to me but I fail to see the connection
between Chinook, and Ax and Single Bladed Prop. Ax and Single Bladed
Prop are the 'conch shell as Sun referance'... too fucking bad for you
if it is a threat to you.