Date: Nov 30, 2012 12:59 AM
Subject: Chapt13.4.08 Can there be a triple transverse wave, a guiding wave?<br> #1044 New Physics #1164 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

One of the fortunate things of not being married or never being
married is that one can then devote all that time and peace of mind to
doing science. It is no wonder that many of the greatest scientists of
the past were never married nor mathematicians of the past and many of
them were of a religious order that forbid marriage. What marriage
does to a human mind is fill it up with problems of everyday living,
time that detracts from doing science research and thinking.

And many people have often wondered why so few of women in science and
the most reasonable answer is not that they are incapable, but rather,
they are too preoccupied with thinking about family.

I have been thinking on whether a Triple Transverse Wave is possible
and today I am about to embark on that adventure.

Common physics today, has only a Single Transverse Wave. The wave
where light is this:


A double transverse wave separates the E field into a E-
and E+ and separates the B field into two magnetic monopoles of M- and
M+. One of the reasons Old Physics could never have a Double
Transverse Wave is because they were too backward in even having
magnetic monopoles.

So light in New Physics is the double transverse wave of this:

M- M+

Now what is the proof that light is a double transverse wave? The
proof is quite simple, easy and outstanding.

The proof that light must be double transverse wave is that the double
waves have **destructive interference**
leaving the light wave as a forward motion particle or photon and
allows all forms of wavelengths all having the very same constant
speed of light. If light were the single transverse wave of Old
Physics, then the speed of a radio wave has to be far more slower than
the speed of a gamma ray due to the large difference in wavelength.
But with destructive interference, the speed is independent of
wavelength or frequency.

But now I am on the topic of rest-mass of proton versus electron and
the Double Transverse Wave theory does not help out that much other
than to show that the electron and proton and positron have asymmetry
of their double transverse waves:


M- M+


M- M+


M- M+

where we cannot tell the difference between a positron and a proton in
Double Transverse Wave.

We would be able to tell the difference if the Double Transverse Wave
theory predicted the rest-mass.

Which brings me, logically to the topic of whether there is a Triple
Transverse Wave, a sort of guiding wave or leading wave.

Now one idea is that the asymmetry of the proton and electron as show
above would make the travel of the particle not a straight line but a
curved motion such as a circular motion where depending on wavelength
the particle returns to its starting place.

Now in ordinary physics if we had a single transverse wave of ordinary
objects of something like this:


That the motion of that wave is inherently unstable and will
veer into a circular or arc motion and not a straight line if the wave
is not fixed at two ends. We can sort of simulate that instability by
having helicopter blades of different sizes and weight.

A double transverse wave of the photon or electron neutrino or muon

M- M+

M- M+

M- M+

Those three particles are symmetrical and would not have a imbalance
or instability and would have a motion of a straight line and that is
what we see of them in physics experiments.

But now, when a light wave hits water it bends in water and physics
has never given any clear understanding of why a straight line moving
light wave would actually be bent upon entering a new medium.

This is where a Triple Transverse Wave comes into play. As the light
wave hits the new medium, the tip of the leading particle encounters a
new wave front of the water molecules and that wave front is a
transverse wave that redirects the direction of motion of the light

Now why am I doing this adventure? Not because of light waves hitting
water, but something far more important. The idea that mass, rest
mass, is just a number of E or M charges in a triple transverse wave
that compose the proton or electron.

Previously we noted that the proton is 1839 more lines of longitude
than the electron's 1 line of longitude. If we make the lines of
longitude individual neutrinos that are Triple transverse waves and
their only task or job is to circuit the proton surface, and build the
proton surface. So that the Proton surface is a band of continual
circumnavigating neutrinos, electron-neutrinos:

M- M+

And there has to be a triple transverse wave to keep the neutrinos
continually going round and round the proton to form the proton
surface where the triple transverse prevents the neutrino from
traveling off in a straight line trajectory.

So I need Triple Transverse Wave to make some waves go into a
perpetual circular motion and I need them to explain why light would
bend upon entering a new medium.
Where the bending is explained physically as the lead particle
encounters a transverse wave that moves it in a new direction off of
its straight line course direction.

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