Date: Nov 30, 2012 3:12 PM
Author: Kevin
Subject: The Implications of the Four Player Game

The four player game in two partnerships is:

Kevin Murphy &
Dr. Thomas Brewer
John McCain &
Buzz Aldren

Dr. Thomas Brewer and I have point symmetric hypnotic profiles... John
McCain has a symmetry complex... John McCain's eyes are equally
hypnotic... My right eye is hypnotic but my left eye has fluttery
characteristics with regards to hypnotic effect. John McCain's
significance is that the hypnotic profile paradigm can be quantified,
objectified, and compartmentalized. I can't read my partner's mind...
My partner wants to be objectified as a loving father to his children
and beyond that, I get nothing from him at all. What I get from John
McCain is:... Just because I'm not a Demonnncrat, that doesn't make me
a Republican by default... The Republican Party is the political wing
of Christianity... Non-Christians who aren't Demonnncrats have
sanction under the Tea Party... Well, la-dee-da, John, Buzz Aldren is
a robot and so am I. Being robots ties in with Hilary Clinton...
Hilary is what I have a hook in because... I say she is not
intelligent enough for game and Marilyn vos Savant displaces Hilary
Clinton... Hilary responds to my dismissal of her by objectifying her
intelligence to me and for my sake... That's fine and maybe Hilary is
a tool but she isn't a player in my game. Marilyn vos Savant is a 4=5
player in my game.... Buzz applies to much pressure on me to do a back
to back analysis of the planet Saturn...

To Buzz: I'm building a solid foundation on Mars to look inward at the
Solar System... It's not tenable to build a solid foundation on Earth
for the sake of looking at Saturn. I have a back to back analysis for
the sake of Mars, not Saturn. The back to back analysis is my strong
suit, Buzz. I know what I'm doing. It is literally true from your
perspective that I have eyes in the back of my head... You might as
well take it for granted. The three body issue that has lingered for
seventeen years and counting is:

The Moon
The Planet Mercury
The Planet Venus and/or The Sun

You can't pin me down on Saturn given the abject lack of
responsiveness I have received thus far on this issue. At least
Hilary can objectify her intelligence to me, proving she is at least
more intelligent than any scientist or mathmatician in academe. The
4=6 analysis is that John wants to leverage Hilary under my purview
and I respond to that by putting Hilary under his purview. John and
The Republican Party hasn't done a damn thing for me... The greatest
whore in history to date is Laura Bush, not Hilary Clinton... Le Tweet
is off the hook... Le Tweet is too simple to be a whore... (If Tweety
is in a cage then the cage objectifies that nobody really wants to
know how simple minded Tweety is in reality...) Laura Bush is the
power behind 'Le Tweet'...

John McCain symmetry complex basically implies that he is two players
in one body... While it takes John Nash to 'spin' me into the center
of Hawking's brain (where I don't have any malevalent intentions, I
can assure you...) John McCain can 'spin' himself into my brain
without another player involved... John obviously has malevalent
intent by being there but... since he objectifies
'compartmentalization' of my hypnotic profiling aptitude, then that
must be his function in my life... (SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!)

It must be true that Stephan Hawking is coy on the topic of
hypnosis... He objectifies himself as either being dead or lacking a
hypnotic profile... probably as a means to build trust with me or to
convey a sense of empathy with me... It doesn't help that I'm an
American and I readily admit that America is screwed. I can't build a
case in a public forum without the government stealing from me and
declaring that I need secure access authorization from the government
to have access to my own brain... America being the overlords of outer
space is the only excuse that they need to convey to me... (or is it
America being the overlords of outer space is the only excuse that
America 'believes' that they need to convey to me...)

To John McCain: Hey!!! Whoa!!! Yo, Dude!!! So did I say I had olympic
ambition?? I take it back!!! I take it ALLLLL back!!... I never wanted
to be an Olympic athlete at all as long as I can have three steps
closer to the door to my world, 'k?, OK? Every ex-Marine is a filthy
sorry redneck piece of SHIT!!!... Don't join the military unless you
plan on making it a career or you'll really regret it.