Date: Dec 1, 2012 11:07 AM
Author: Halitsky
Subject: Nope! 24-entry Bonferroni tables for (a1,a3) and (b1,b47) do NOT<br> improve results for a3 nor b47

I won't bother posting the nine additional 24-entry Bonferroni tables
mentioned in my prior post, because they don't improve the situation
for a3 or b47 for Method 2.

To me, this result is re-assuring in a way ... it means we're hitting
a property of the data that doesn't change with reduction in number of
Bonferroni tables ...

Anyway, please don't lose sight of my request for definitions
regarding the second of the new regressions:
(II) Definition of slopes and their SE?s for the second new

"For the second of the new regressions:

c on (e, u?, u?*e), u=1/(1+u)

would you take a moment to define the relevant slopes (or ?average
slopes?, as the case may be), and their associated SE?s? I?m anxious
to add these to the overall computation. "

Whenever you have time to provide these, I'm ready to add the second
new regression to the overall analysis.

Thanks as always.