Date: Dec 3, 2012 4:04 AM
Author: Gordon Robertson
Subject: Re: v9: variable name colour?

On OS X, variable colours are now behaving as they did in v8. I've not yet
identified which conditions give me the awkward always-blue variables and which give the current blue-to-black behaviour. (I'd crashed v9 and restarted it, and reopened the notebook that I'd been working on.)


On 2012-12-02, at 1:03 PM, Gordon Robertson wrote:

In v8 (on OS X), the name of a variable that did not have a value assigned was blue, and it changed to black when a value had been assigned to it. This was simple and very handy.

After a day of using v9, all user-defined variables seem to be blue, period.

Preferences | Appearance | Other offers 'Global symbols that had no value assigned' as blue by default. But if I type in and execute something simple like: aVariable=2, the variable name is blue before and after I've assigned it the value 2.

I'd prefer to have a distinct colour for variable with no value assigned. Am I missing something simple? Apologies if I am.

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