Date: Dec 3, 2012 9:59 AM
Author: Sata
Subject: Re: Some parameters in GA

Hi Alan,

I appreciate your reply. However, after reading the documentations, I am still in doubt about those questions I asked. It would be good if you can try to explain each of my questions. I am sure, with your answers, I will be much clearer. TQ.

Alan_Weiss <> wrote in message <k9i8gh$jpl$>...
> On 12/3/2012 6:09 AM, Sata wrote:
> > 1) When I run the GA solver using the toolbox, is the objective
> > function value the most critical output I have to monitor? When I run
> > the GA repeatedly, do I have to record down other information for each
> > run such as current iteration, reason for the optimization terminated
> > and the final point?
> > 2) Is there a standard reference of how many times we have to run for
> > each set of parameter and then take the average of the objective
> > function value?
> > 3) For each run, the value for current iteration is different. How
> > does this matter? Bigger value is better or smaller value is better.
> > Is there an ideal value for current iteration? Do I have to do
> > something to control the current iteration?
> > 4) What is the meaning of this termination reason which was displayed
> > at the results of toolbox ?Optimization terminated: average change in
> > the fitness value less than options.TolFun.?
> > 5) If I need to repeat the same set of parameter for ten times by
> > using the toolbox, do I have to manually run it ten times and manually
> > record the objective function value for each run? Is there another
> > way which I can set to run ten times at once and record ten objective
> > function values at once?
> > 6) Will the stopping criteria for the number of generation affect my
> > results? E.g does it matter if I set the number of generation to be
> > 200, 300 or 400 etc.
> > 7) In the constrain option, if I don?t have any constraints, do I just
> > put [] for both linear equalities and linear inequalities?

> You would do well to read the documentation, then see if you are still
> confused. Read the Concepts material in
> except for the Genetic Algorithm Options section. It won't take very
> long, and should answer most or all of your questions.
> Alan Weiss
> MATLAB mathematical toolbox documentation