Date: Dec 3, 2012 4:22 PM
Author: Kevin
Subject: The New Clairvoyance Objectified

It is not desirable to seek connectedness with astronauts... It is
analygous to being psychic with people who are falling to their
death... All astronauts are robots... It seems hard to objectify the
aims of the space race now that the Cold War is over. Clairvoyance is
a fifties paradigm... What was clairvoyant before the space race is
not the same as clairvoyant today... I can't read the minds of
astronauts because there is no volume control... What comes from the
mind of an astronaut is at a full uncontrolled volume level. I have
the basic framework for volume control. Atomic clocks are made of
stone because the controls on them are rudimentary... More sensitive
means of making adjustments are needed.