Date: Dec 4, 2012 1:22 PM
Author: Scott Berg
Subject: Re: Matheology � 170

"WM" <> wrote in message

>Matheology § 170
>The infinite triangle formed by the sequence
>has height aleph_0 but width less than aleph_0 (because the limit 1/9,
>the first line with aleph_0 digits, does not belong to the triangle).
>This lack of symmetry is disturbing for a physicist.

which physicist is this so disturbing ? Name please.

>But it would be completely unclear, what side of the infinite triangle
>is the first one to complete infinity aleph_0, when constructed in the
>following manner:

<snip crap>

( time for you to turn off the computer and read a book. )

>Regards, WM