Date: Dec 4, 2012 10:50 PM
Author: jdawe
Subject: When is a theory wrong? Action-Reaction investigates!

Wrong - Correct

Constant - Variable

So, action-reaction tells us being wrong is an absolute constant. In
other words, if we are wrong we have nothing correct so we score a

Being correct on the other hand is a variable relative to absolute
failure. So the degree with which we are correct is variable.


It's like hot and cold. Cold is absolute zero whilst hot is a value
relative to that.









Dark, Absolute, Linear, Constant, Rest, Instantaneous are all Wrong.

In other words,

Dark = Absolute = Linear = Constant = Rest = Instantaneous = Wrong = 0

So, you score zero if your theory is only made up of those words.

Bright, Relative, Curved, Variable, Motion, Gradual are all correct.

In other words,

Depending on the amount of these attributes we use is the degree of
being 'correct'.


So, if I propose Light is in a Constant Motion of 4444444343 km/h

I would score 0 for using 'constant' and 1 point for using 'motion'
because motion exists however 'constant' doesn't. So my theory is 1
point correct.

If I say,

Linear - Curvature

Cold - Heat

Decrease - Increase

If I propose a CURVATURE in a wire that has an electric current
running though it will induce an INCREASE in the degree of COLD.

I would score 0 for using the word COLD and a 1 point each for

So I would be 2 points correct.

I would of been 3 points correct if I had of said:

A wire with CURVATURE that has an electric current running through it
will induce an INCREASE in HEAT.

So, try and use the things on the left side in your theories as little
as possible:

Symmetrical - Asymmetrical

Microcosmic - Macrocosmic

Gravitation - Levitation

Contraction - Expansion

Absolutivity - Relativity

Space - Time

Whole - Particle

Continuum - Discrete

Fake - Real