Date: Dec 5, 2012 1:36 AM
Author: Halitsky
Subject: Re: One other question about using Auq avg slope as a constant when<br> computing the other two regressions

You asked:

> What is the constant supposed to do or be?
> How does it fit into the regression equation?- Hide quoted text -

Here's how Ivo Welch describes the use of the constant:

"Most of the time, the user will provide a constant ('1') as x(0) for
each observation in order to allow the regression package to fit an

Also, his code is an implementation of the Gentleman algorithm, if
that helps you to understand what he's doing:

W. M. Gentleman, University of Waterloo, "Basic
Description For Large, Sparse Or Weighted Linear Least
Squares Problems (Algorithm AS 75)," Applied Statistics
(1974) Vol 23; No. 3