Date: Dec 5, 2012 6:50 AM
Author: Meg Clemens
Subject: State funding

I work at an excellent school in Northern New York, Canton Central, that has
been hit extremely hard by the changes in the state aid over the last few
years. We have over 600 students in grades 7 - 12. Two years ago, we had 7
math teachers for these grades, last year we had 6, this year we have 5. We
have laid off teachers with many years of service. With next year's proposed
budget, we will have 4 teachers for all math and AIS in these six grade
levels. Our department is not unique. We have lost AP courses,
extracurriculars, electives and have increased class sizes in all subjects.
AIS has been dramatically cut. The Gap Elimination Adjustment has
inordinately affected us more than other schools.

I'd like to find out if there are other districts that have been similarly
affected. We have heard that NYS has over 200 districts which will become
educationally and fiscally insolvent in the next five year which includes
Canton Central and an estimated 35-40 other districts statewide which will
be insolvent this budget year. If your district is also experiencing these
conditions, could you email me or our advocacy contact person: Viola
Schmid-Doyle ( ). I'm interested in knowing which
districts are affected, if you have a grass roots advocacy movement and if
so, who is the contact. We also have a contact information survey on our

There is an online petition on the topic
29> &r_by=6268329 which now has over 3500 signatures from people all over
the state!

Thanks for helping us connect with other districts with similar problems,

Meg Clemens

Canton NY