Date: Dec 5, 2012 1:58 PM
Author: Kevin
Subject: The Conservation of Legos

Physics claims there are states of matter and on their list includes:


but if it is about list making, then a useful tool could be additional
states of matter and there are reasons to embellish the existing list:


The reasons to embellish the list is because I don't associate with
inferior IQ... What I associate with stone, wood, bone, and legos does
not reflect what inferior IQ associates with these things. You might
add 'ghost' and 'ether' to the list and if it supports your 'blind
analysis' then I don't really have a problem with it... If I say
'mathmatically correct ghost' and then a physicist says: 'Do you mean
a black and white mathmatically correct ghost?' No, that isn't really
what I mean so I don't do 'ghost' anymore... Stone attenuates is what
I started with and what I end up with is the card game, first of all,
and 'brown' is basically the trisection of conic section... Pink is
red with too much white in it mixed together with red with too little
white in it... which I don't have a problem with as long as brown gets
added to either the solid or stone list. Wood is what is between two
plates of a capacitor and I shouldn't have any issues with a 45 degree
angle... Doesn't really seem to pan out if you ask me since Texas
seems to think it has a monopoly on wood away from my interest... Wood
can be a stopgap measure for the sake of polarizing lenses... I have
no further interest in polarizing lenses because of the wood argument.
Bone brings dipoles to the fore which I have strong reservations
about. What is the connection between skunk and Fermilab? Ans: The
axis that connects them is the longest and skinniest dipole...
Ultimately, bone is relevant for dipoles. I'm not giving up on
wormholes just yet... It is just that I don't see the point if all I'm
going to get for my effort is claims that wormholes always 'fold'...
Legos are relevant for my fifties paradigm. Legos are always
conserved... Legos assemble for the sake of the disassembly process
that follows afterward. Skunk is objectified to me as legos which is
why Lockheed is the only one who does legos... Other countries might
be encouraged to do things with legos but apparently there is little
interest in competing with Lockheed's monopoly on them.

Ether might be objectified with fractals. The Virgin Mary comes up as
a perfume-ologist... The smallest tube that I'm willing to consider is
large enough for The Virgin Mary to swim through... What I really need
is for The Virgin Mary to swim through all of the smallest tubes in my
computer to make sure that they are nice and clean... but she doesn't
seem to swim very fast... What incentive does The Virgin Mary need to
swim faster and more efficiently? Hawking comes up on fractals... PEN
goes to BUG... Success in science means creating a computer BUG and
then having the access needed to put it into the system.