Date: Dec 5, 2012 2:35 PM
Author: kirby urner
Subject: Re: WG 13 Announcement: CERME 8 [Turkey]

> Lol, that should be a lesson Kirby, of what happens when you start bending
> and twisting the truth. Paul is no more likely to move to Norway than your
> daughter is to move to Iran.
> Bob Hansen

I don't know how you picture Iran but it's not one of those places
where women are going around fully covered in veils all the time. (Persian girl's blog,
dredged up at random)

Dunno what bending of the truth you're talking about. I wasn't lying
about having been there (Tehran), and to Afghanistan and Russia.

Plus I am a member of the Python Software Foundation in good standing.
They see my memos / posts about ir.pycon plans.

Anyway, we have a large Iranian community right here in Portland with
a festival and everything. (picture from
Portland's Iranian festival)

Scandanavians also swarm here in the Pacific Northwest. Me one of them.

Grandma Esther was a daughter of first Swedish immigrants to Mercer
Island in the middle of Lake Union near Seattle.

Her dad built and ran the first gas station there.


PS: I had some additional responses to Paul re Swedish etc. which I
archived to another list FYI.