Date: Dec 5, 2012 5:18 PM
Subject: possible explanation for Doppler redshift as tired light Chapt13.4091<br> Summary of DTW theory #1063 New Physics #1183 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

The lowest electron-neutrino is
M- M+
taking up just 2 poles of the 4 poles possible

The next lowest neutrino is
M- M+
taking up 3 of the 4 poles
and the next lowest is
M- M+

The lowest of low photons, a radio wave photon
?       0.5*10^6M-
1M-                       1M+
?      0.5*10^6M+
next lowest photon
?        0.5*10^6M-
2M-                       2M+
?        0.5*10^6M+
next lowest photon
?        0.5*10^6M-
3M-                       3M+
?       0.5*10^6M+
As can be seen I am still battling the symmetry asymmetry problem of
many poles involved.

It occurred to me that we possibly can have a easy explanation of
Doppler redshift of light from far distant galaxies in that as the
photon is travelling through space it
picks up M charges of magnetic monopoles and causes the photon to so
to speak "tired light in travel".
So if we had a photon of this:
4M-                       3M+
?      0.5*10^6M+
where it picked up a extra M- causing a slight imbalance and asymmetry
that it becomes "tired light". But I do not have time to explore this
issue now for I have more pressing problems to fix.

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