Date: Dec 6, 2012 1:08 PM
Author: Bob L Petersen
Subject: A Game Of Life Who Was A Life Long Chicken Give it away and then steal it

A Game Of Life Who Was A Life Long Chicken Give it away and then steal it back. It's worse if the chicken uses it's placement in a Capital and it's State Universiy as it's source. It has to stories that could hurt their chances. Their college educated ?MISSED? iinformation and killed a child and allowed it' father to become further crippled. They had trid to ?Run his head to death?. Only then to as if I was hurt woulld you mind if we went on.

Where is the rest of what had to be used they died waiting for them to solve how handle what had caused a problem. Just waiting for what they wnat to happen be left with the prize.

Any body else want to left.

It's ease just tell someone else is cheating.

Someone knew one person had the TELL.

I was supposed to blame Rodger Pardee for yesterday while today again they were frying me. They got him into USC with a story he could only now part of.

Rodger Pardee how where you doing then. I had already been to a doctor because they had already fried me in High School. They came back again when I had to be alright because I was in the High School Play. My head falls down after that and I roam around till they go away. Years and years of work.

I came to here to the Univeersity to be attacked.

Anythiing new to talk about, No.

Still no one else really knows all. Just screaming about somethiing.

Bob L. Petersen

The Life Long Chicken Left What Was Supposed To Be It's Surprise. We were just seriously trying to do something while everyone went crazy. What is the problem with the sign. It's writen in Chicken!!! They aren't their someone else is there.

It's so nice to hold the top of both.

The only problem is the top of the everyone was laughing whenthis staerted in 1998 and both can go to H_ _ _. The child is dead and I aam more crippled then I was. Two rib overlap takiing most of the load off of my back. But I aam losing feeling and some internal system aren't work properly

We are trying aaren't we.

Would my voice work only scare you alone?!

Whether you a God or a Chicken.

Some Chickens Machiine is going crazy!

Till as my system works. Goodbye till I start on something again.