Date: Dec 6, 2012 4:27 PM
Author: James
Subject: Storing loop values -- non-integer step sizes


I am attempting to store a value from a for loop every time the loop executes, but the step size of the loop begins with zero and increments at a non-integer value until it reaches a specific value. I have tried several various approaches, with my most recent approach below.

All I want to do is store all of the values returned by the function "machsolve" into an array.

Any ideas?

N=100; %number of prandtl meyer angle increments

M=2; %design exit mach number
g = 1.4; %specific heat ratio of air

A = sqrt((g+1)/(g-1));
B = atan(sqrt(((g-1)/(g+1))*(M^2-1)));
C = atan(sqrt(M^2-1));

nu = A*B-C; %prandtl meyer function to calculate maximum turn angle

thetaexit = nu;

i = thetaexit/N; %incremental step size

for dnu=0:i:thetaexit
MM = machsolve(dnu, g); %call function that returns MM
M(:,1) = MM %latest attempt at storing the returned values

Thanks ,