Date: Dec 6, 2012 11:07 PM
Author: GS Chandy
Subject: Re: L.A. Times Population Report: Beyond 7 Billion

My post dated Dec 7, 2012 7:48 AM requires slight amendment, as follows:

The statement
> I really don't know whether
> any 'resolution' is possible at all.

should be amended as follows:
I really don't know whether any 'resolution' (that is 'happy' for us humans) is possible at all - at this stage of our planetary history.

Way back in the '50s (and maybe into the '60s) a 'happy' resolution would not have been inordinately difficult.

For starters, in this country we were confronted by the following:

- -- India's population was then only around 350 million;
- -- We had at least 40% of our land under thick forest cover;
- -- There were around 40,000 tigers in those forests.

Today, we have (in India):

- -- a human population of around 1.2 BBBBBBBillion;
- -- significantly less than 15% of our land under (degraded) forest cover;
- -- less than 1200 tigers alive in the wild (and there is sizable poaching going on with very little that's effective being done about it).

Is it possible to escape the abyss that appears to be opening up ahead? I don't know.


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