Date: Dec 8, 2012 4:32 PM
Author: Kevin
Subject: Fire Breathing Dragons vs. The Lion's Heart

Fire breathing dragons are bisectioned on my eardrums... It seems to
be Marilyn vos Savant's solution to my problem... I would have to
admit that I could not have anticipated any kindness from her of that
nature given that 'Cooperation is free.' is my motto... Russians are
not really beggars except that is what America expects from Russia...
Vladimir Putin is one of the most intelligent men in Russia... He is
the lead member of Russia's intelligencia elite... Vladimir Putin
objectifies as 'Willard' (the 1971 film) on steroids. How impossible
is it for me to regard Vladimir Putin as 'the enemy' when he is the
only person I seem to have any commonality with in the public eye?...
I understand why Russians are typically 'dour'... It is because
Russian academics are and can be, in fact, fire breathing dragons. I
suppose given that perspective, it isn't possible that I have anything
in common with a fire breathing dragon. Italians aren't fire breathing
dragons... Italians are delusional is what their problem is... It can
hardly be the case that a typical hot tempered Italian doesn't have
some emotional issue or other.

A lion's heart is what I have since if you're 'fodder', then you have
no reason to engage me... A lion's heart doesn't possess 'will'...