Date: Dec 8, 2012 7:51 PM
Author: Halitsky
Subject: One other thing - because we're using "c-average", not "c-simple",<br> "c" is no longer a pure count

I explained in a post a while back how we're computing "c" as an
average based on multiple codon messages for one amino acid string,
rather than a simple true count based on just one codon message for
one amino acid string.

It's not important right now to recount the details of this "c-
average" computation, but if and when it's appropriate, I think I
should recount it so that you can decide whether "c-average" actually
does contain measurement error.

I'm pretty sure it does, because I could have selected a different set
of messages for each amino acid string, had more been available in the
public databases.