Date: Dec 9, 2012 3:59 PM
Author: Halitsky
Subject: Could I impose on you for four more ordered p “ref<br>	erence plots”?

Would you mind terribly doing four more ordered p reference plots from
four files I?m sending offline:

Cubqe_S_N_a1_1.csv (for e term in c on (e,u,u*e,u^2)
Cubqu_S_N_a1_1.csv (for u term in c on (e,u,u*e,u^2)
Cubque_S_N_a1_1.csv (for ue term in c on (e,u,u*e,u^2)
Cubquq_S_N_a1_1.csv (for u^2 term in c on (e,u,u*e,u^2)

All four of these files are for subset=N, method=1, fold=a1, set=1,
all four are ordered by increasing p, and all four have the column


Also, could you please discard the ordered p file I sent you
previously, and the plot you constructed from it (the one you sent me
back offline.) The value of k in n-k was incorrectly 0, and the data
were for u^2 in Ruq = c on (u,u^2), not for u^2 in Ruqb = c on
(e,u,u*e,u^2).) I?ve regained control of my code and my file labels,
so this shouldn?t happen again.

Thanks as always for considering this request.