Date: Dec 9, 2012 5:01 PM
Subject: limits of double transverse wave theory Chapt15.3 Deriving the<br> Schrodinger/Dirac Equations from the Maxwell Equations #1074 New Physics<br> #1194 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

Now it is obvious from the derivation of the Schrodinger and Dirac
Equations as subsets
of the Maxwell Equations, that the double transverse wave theory
cannot determine the rest-mass, nor
spin of the electron or proton. It cannot do that because we had to
furnish the double transverse waves with a proton as the bar magnet
and the electron sitting atop the double transverse wave and riding
the wave.

So that in retrospect, I was demanding far more of the double
transverse wave theory than it could ever deliver. I was demanding the
double transverse wave theory could deliver the particle wave duality,
but rather instead, it could only deliver the wave feature and that I
had to inject the particle.

So I have to go back and develop only what the double transverse wave
theory allows. It does allow for the speed and the speed of light as
being a constant, regardless of wavelength or frequency.

And it also allows for the distinction between a photon and a
neutrino, as that a neutrino is odd numbered monopoles and the photon
is even numbered monopoles.


M- M+


2M- 2M+


3M- 3M+


4M- 4M+

The overall picture is that the wave determines the speed of the
particle and if it is double transverse symmetrical it is either a
neutrino or photon depending on even or odd. And the wave makes the
Space where in lies electrons and protons.

Back in the 1830s, Faraday looked upon the photon as a disturbance in
the EM field. In 2012, I am looking at the photon and neutrino as
waves of magnetic monopoles that builds Space and a space that wherein
the electrons and protons of EM travel upon.

Now it maybe the case that if you have enough magnetic monopoles
together such as this:

10^6M- 10^6M+

That such a photon is no longer a Space wave, a part of space, but
forms a actual electron or a electron plus positron in pair

But as for now, I should cut back on my idea that the double
transverse wave can solve all the properties of elementary particles
and only solve a fraction of those properties.

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